Just say NO to Fascism:  A Fable
by Mark Frankenberg

There are parallels between what a person goes through, and what a country goes through.

     Regarding recreational drug use, the late Alan Watts advised that "once you get the message, hang up the phone". Addiction destroys individual lives, careers and families. Addiction is personal imprisonment. As an individual, you are responsible to check yourself; and if need be, get help and get better. This is a medical and spiritual thing. It should not be a legal one. The "Drug War" is a waste of our public resources and it actually creates corruption, violence and illness.
     Addiction in a person is like tyranny in a society.
In addition to the "War on Drugs", The "War on Terror", the "Patriot Act" (and more recently, the Military Commissions Act) are attacks on your own American Freedom. Your Freedom is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. These attacks on freedom are facilitated by America's true enemies through corruption, monopolization and propaganda. 
    A country whose knowledge and perceptions are intentionally obscured by the ruling powers is in the same condition as a drunk who doesn't know when he's freezing to death... a crack-head who doesn't notice the decay of his own mind and body.
    Tyranny doesn't work, and it's just plain wrong. 
    It will take more than "Just Saying No" to stop the fateful ride down such slippery slopes, for us as people, and for us as a people. "Just Say No to Fascism: a Fable" carries a warning, and it carries a message of hope:

We Can Get Better.

-- Mark Frankenberg